Summer Cocktails – What’s New at Highrail

Apr 27, 2023

With Summer right around the corner, we wanted to bring you the perfect cocktails to celebrate every occasion. We are rolling out our summer cocktail menu; each one has been thoughtfully crafted, tested, and tweaked to perfection. There is something for everyone, each with rejuvenating, bright flavors. Some of our new cocktails are: 

  • Cherry Blossom: This cocktail is tequila-based, with the perfect blend of lime and grapefruit juice. There is one secret ingredient that really puts this cocktail over the top! This has been a favorite among our testers.
  • Pineapple Smash: With the sweet taste of pineapple and the tart taste of lemon, this drink is ideal for those who like sweet and sour. The Irish Whiskey is super light and fruity; combined with the fruit juices, this might be the most revitalizing cocktail you have all year!
  • Basil Tom Collins: We have put our own spin on this classic, refreshing drink. With a sweet and slightly spicy flavor, basil is the perfect addition. 
  • Spring Sipper: For those who like sangria vibes, our Spring Sipper is for you! We pair our exceptional Moscato with notes of strawberry, raspberry, and lemon to bring you a light cocktail to go with your meal.
  • Peach Martini: This wonderful cocktail has a delicate and floral taste that delights the taste buds of those who like things on the fruiter side; with peach vodka and schnapps, it is sure to bring you back to life after a long day!
  • Dirty Lemonade: With vodka and lemonade, this drink is designed for those who enjoy the simple pleasures of life. It is also available with strawberry, peach, apple, raspberry, and cranberry flavors.

These summer cocktails are perfect for the night on the town, lunch with friends, and everything in between. Stop by and try one today!

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